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Build your team + stop worrying about HR.

Yes, it’s possible. We’ve got your back.


On a Mission To
Elevate business women by providing information and support so they can achieve equality in business.

Sabrina Louisa HR consulting

With Principles and Practices Guided By

Thin Stripes


I will always do the right thing with and for your people—simply because it is the right thing to do.

Equality & Democracy

I help you treat employees the way you’d want to be treated by listening to and acting on their feedback.


I help entrepreneurs by creating or enhancing the space where they feel supported in their goals and vision.


I keep an open mind and ask the same of you. This means being open to other perspectives and change.

You want to focus on your passion. I love giving you the space to do it.

You are driven to do things differently—scratch that, better—than you’ve experienced in your former jobs. That’s why you started your own venture! You certainly didn’t strike out on your own to stress about HR admin, trends, and employment laws.


Purpose-driven entrepreneurs like you are the reason behind my business! I’ll empower you to enjoy working on your business, knowing your employees are secure.


I have helped boutique venture capital firms, professional service providers, and many in between get their people processes in order. Every client receives relevant support and education—along with the freedom to no longer worry about their HR world.

Sabrina Louisa Consulting

Hi, I’m Sabrina!

I’m a Fractional CHRO and Strategist who has helped dozens of small business leaders save countless hours and sleep better by streamlining their HR systems and people processes.


But I haven’t always been running my own show. I worked in, managed, and directed HR for several corporations, often helmed by executives who Just. Didn’t. Get. It.

After 20+ years of working for companies in the day-to-day of HR (including 15 years in California!), it was time for a change. I realized I could make a bigger impact by fulfilling my passion for supporting female entrepreneurs and giving them equal access to services and resources.


So, I launched my own HR consulting firm to provide creative solutions for evolving businesses like yours!


It’s impossible to know what you don’t know. But your company can’t afford to find itself on the wrong side of labor issues. While I educate you on the essentials, you can rest easy knowing your biz is fully compliant. Just leave the people management and system building to me. 


Sound like a plan? 

 Fun Facts

I lived in California for 17 years and am a West Coast gal at heart!

I am a Parrot Head! My beloved cats’ names are even on theme: Mai Tai and Mojito.

My favorite color is orange, but I love bright colors in general (must be that West Coast side).

Sabrina Louisa sunset
Sabrina Greenwood Briggs cats
Sabrina Louisa Consulting

And the most rewarding part of my work is when clients tell me they no longer worry about HR because they are confident that I’ve got their back.
Pssst…That could be you!

Preparing You BEFORE Your First Hire

Let’s set up your growing team for success while protecting your small business with all the right policies, procedures, and systems. I’ll work as an extension of your team and help you avoid problems down the line as you grow.

Small-Business Centric

I ❤️ small businesses! Specifically, I focus on micro-businesses—including solopreneurs who don’t even have employees yet. Enjoy the education, support, and space necessary to grow without worrying about people problems.

Complex California Expertise

If you own a California business, you know the state has a long list of complex wage and labor laws. I have 15 years of California HR experience and constantly stay up-to-date on the annual employment law changes. This knowledge is crucial to ensure compliant policies and handbooks in the Golden State.

Your Certified HR Pro

SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP)

I have mastered the SHRM Body of Applied Skills and Knowledge™ (SHRM BASK) and demonstrated a strategic HR approach.


SHRM California Law HR Specialty

I have also demonstrated my working knowledge of California’s complex HR requirements and practices.


Happy Human Notes

Sabrina is an HR Expert

I have worked with Sabrina for 5 years now.  It was almost an instant connection.  Her compassion, enthusiasm, and ability to connect with anybody astounds me.  She always gives people the benefit of the doubt, I LOVE working with her. Her knowledge base and willingness to help me learn and continue to grow is awesome.  She is constantly sharing her knowledge and never holds back.  She creates a safe environment to ask questions and makes me feel like there are no dumb questions.  She is always building me up and making sure that I’m going to the next level. 

-Brenna Limback, Sr. HR Generalist, LeadPoint Inc.

Thin Stripes

Ready to be one of the success stories?

Image by Brooke Lark
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