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Book a discovery call so we can get to know each other! We’ll discuss your needs and ensure I have the best HR solutions for your business.

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General Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET

Available by appointment outside these hours, particularly evenings to assist West Coast clients

* Company size is requested solely so that I understand what Wage and Labor laws are potentially applicable to your company.

I am interested in the following HR servcies:

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  • What industries do you have experience in?
    My experience spans a variety of industries, including startups, professional services, venture capital, internet security, law firms, and more.
  • Do you require a contract?
    This depends on the service provided. For projects, I do require a contract that outlines expectations for all parties along with payment and deliverable schedules. Ongoing services require an agreement with limited or no base term and easy termination.
  • When is the right time to hire an HR consultant?
    If you have just one or two employees (or haven’t hired anyone yet), you may be wondering if you really need HR support yet. The short answer: Yes! In fact, partnering with an HR consultant before your first hire is best. This ensures you set up your business with the proper policies, procedures, and systems to avoid issues down the line. You’ll set the tone for a positive workplace from the moment you onboard your first team member and protect your business from potential penalties and litigation.
  • How do you onboard clients?
    We begin our journey together by learning about your needs with a Zoom discovery call, in which we discuss your challenges, goals, and budget. We share expectations for both parties and have an honest chat about whether we can meet your goals. If we are not the best fit for your business, no hard feelings! We will happily introduce you to our trusted partners to provide you with the solutions and professionals best suited for your needs.
  • Do you offer onsite HR?
    Yes, I offer onsite HR assistance to clients in the New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Southern Maine regions if necessary. I can attend once a week, biweekly, monthly, or at another frequency to support your HR operations. For clients in all other areas of the U.S., I offer ongoing virtual support. We can always discuss and negotiate onsite support if and when the need arises.
  • What if I only need occasional HR services?
    I have options for your needs and budget, too! You can purchase a set number of hours through my fractional HR consulting packages based on your average monthly needs. Or simply pay hourly when you have a few questions, or a specific situation arises. Learn more about working together.
  • What if we already have an HR team?
    Absolutely! I am happy to work with your executive, management, or internal HR staff. Whether you have an established human resources department, a singular HR person, or someone in another department who is responsible for many HR situations, we can partner however you need. Additionally, I can supervise and mentor new HR managers. This includes being available for their questions and guiding them in their career growth. I’d love to chat about HR career mentorship!
  • Can my employees contact you directly?
    This is entirely up to you and what kind of coverage you’re looking for. Typically, I work directly with one or two main contacts through which things funnel. However, the team can always refer employees to me for assistance via email or Zoom. Some clients choose to send employees to me to discuss sensitive, confidential matters, such as pregnancies, in order to remove the middle person and maintain discretion for the employee. Clients and their employees are welcome to reach me during my general office hours, as noted above. Please note: All time is part of whatever services you’ve agreed to and direct employee access could incur more expenses than planned or expected.
  • Do you provide recruiting and hiring services?
    I do not offer recruiting or hiring services, except in cases of HR staff members. If you are hiring internal HR employees, I can provide resume screening and interviews to ensure candidates understand and are qualified for the role.
  • Can you fire people for me?
    Yep! I get it, you don’t want to have those unpleasant conversations. That’s exactly why some clients hire me. I can assist you in making those difficult decisions (When should you fire someone, anyway?) and carrying out terminations.
  • Can you help me with HR documents?
    Of course! Drafting HR documents like employee handbooks, new hire paperwork, job descriptions, termination letters, and more is a large part of what I do. In fact, I specialize in done-for-you handbooks that cover everything you need both Federally and locally. These handbooks are affordable and even include an optional ongoing update subscription service!
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