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Small Business HR Services

You pour your soul into your business.

You can’t afford to put it at risk with subpar HR management! But you’re not an HR professional—how can you be expected to understand all the laws and nuances of this complex field? I manage your people processes so you don’t have to.

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Guide Your Team

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Do small businesses really need an employee handbook? It may not be legally required in your state, but every business with a team should have one! Regardless of size, a handbook protects your company and reflects the culture you wish to achieve by communicating guidelines and expectations. 


I’ll take care of this essential document with affordable and painless handbook creation.


Comprehensive Set of Policies

Comprehensive Set of Policies

  • Done-for-you

  • Customized 

  • Includes mandatory and voluntary policies


Please note: Final cost and turnaround are based on size, location, and voluntary policies desired.


  • Monthly Policy Update Service: Monthly update of any policies applicable to your handbook when they come out

  • Annual Policy Update Service: Annually updated edition of your handbook at year-end with all applicable policies

Need help developing a small business employee handbook that covers all the bases?

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Launch Your Team


Are you about to hire your first employee(s) and worried you’ll miss something? The Launch Package ensures both you and your new hires feel comfortable, supported, and confident during onboarding!


Full HR
Admin Support

  • Offer letter

  • Onboarding process

  • New hire documentation


Set the tone for your team and future employees with an employee handbook including up to 5 voluntary policies.

Ready to give your inaugural employees a smooth, memorable experience?

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Protect Your Team

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Your team is off to a great start—but now what? Avoid getting stuck in the weeds of admin work and remain compliant with ongoing HR consulting. I provide outsourced HR for small businesses to ensure your team is cared for and enable you to work on your business.


HR Systems & Processes

Establish or streamline your HR procedures, from policies to payroll


Integrate, manage, and/or review your HRIS to ensure it’s optimized for your organization


Enhance your employee engagement initiatives, such as onboarding

& Benefits

Review, design, and establish competitive compensation and benefits packages


Create and manage performance reviews, issues, employee feedback methods, and growth plans

Looking for an HR partner to take your business to the next level?

Do you need HR support in an area not listed above?

I’ll be happy to discuss your needs and options, or point you in the right direction!

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