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Boutique HR Solutions for Trailblazing Small Businesses

You deserve to work on your passion and grow your business with an engaged team.

Sabrina Louisa human resources consulting services

You don’t want to worry about human resources.

And you certainly don’t have time to research every employment law and HR best practice. If you’re burnt out from:

  • Trying to do it all on your own

  • Figuring out your first hires—or where to start

  • Manual, inefficient HR processes

  • Worrying about whether you’re doing HR right!

It’s time to build a thriving team…

Without draining your time and energy in the administrative weeds. Get your people, policies, and systems in place early with an HR consultant who’s got your back so you can continue making your difference.

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Take Back the Freedom

To focus on your business and do what you do best.

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Put Employees First

And ensure they feel satisfied and stable.


Gain Peace of Mind

With compliant policies and processes.

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Making HR easy is my business.

Stressing over it shouldn’t be a daily part of yours. I love helping:

  • Organizations hiring or about to hire their first employees

  • Businesses that don’t want to hire a full-time HR manager

  • Trailblazing businesswomen who want to do things differently

  • California companies (I specialize there!)

  • Businesses ready to streamline their HR systems

Guide Your Team

With a comprehensive employee handbook including mandatory and voluntary policies.

Launch Your Team

With full HR admin support as you prepare to hire your first employee.

Protect Your Team

With ongoing outsourced HR consulting to ensure your business and team are covered.

Happy Human Notes

Sabrina is The People Person. 

When it comes to employee benefits, she is always looking out for the company and the employees, making sure that everybody is treated fairly and equally. She does the overall, big decision making when it comes to anything HR, she is the end of the line.  If you are a company that is fair and cares about your employees, hire Sabrina for all your HR needs.  

- Brenna Limback, Sr. HR Generalist, LeadPoint Inc.

Meet Your Small Business HR Partner

I’m Sabrina Greenwood-Briggs, a Fractional CHRO and Strategist who helps small businesses streamline their HR systems and people processes for future success. There’s nothing better than hearing clients say they no longer worry about HR because they know I’ve got it covered.

Meet Sabrina Greenwood-Briggs of Sabrina Louisa Consulting

My passion lies in supporting women entrepreneurs to grow their teams and businesses by educating them and helping them obtain equal opportunities and services available to so many male business leaders.


And after two decades in the field, I launched my own firm to do just that.

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